Delta yards began their activities in the 60s with the construction of six laminated wood boats designed by Eng. Renato "Sonny" Levi on the length of 36' and intended for offshore racing.

The same engineering team, moreover, had long operated under the direction of the famous British designer and then ensured high-quality technology constructions.

No wonder, therefore, that one of these racing boats, Vincenzo Balestrieri's Delta Blue in 1966, touched the world title.

From the same hull and under the direction of the same designer, Delta yards built the first three prestigious FAST COMMUTER of the world boating port history: the "G.Cinquanta" for Gianni Agnelli, the "Barbarina" for Count Mario Agusta and the "Hidalgo" for Roberto Olivetti. Born to "precede to the finish line the winner of an offshore competition", these boats were interpreting a new way of cruising: speeds above 50 knots, maximum security, greater comfort, maximum simplicity and ease of operation, absolute elegance, is enough to remember that the styling was curated by renowned designers such as Pininfarina, Gae Aulenti etc.

In 1970 Delta yards moved their headquarters to Fiumicino and here, in fact, was built Aquarius, a 56' sportfisherman for a customer in Cape Town (South Africa), who reached the armament port by his own means and who still boasts a world record of catches in the difficult waters where two roaring oceans like the Atlantic and the Indian clash. Afterwards the yard Delta realized the speed leisure cruiser "Corsair": the first fast commuter to assemble more than 2,500 horsepower diesel in a lamellar shell. Again the hull was "Sonny" Levi's with Pininfarina's styling.

The production list of Fiumicino shipyards extends with sportfisherman MIGS, with the luxury motor yacht Trifoglio made for Prince Alberto di Liegi and a series of smaller boats, but always very fast and characterized by some of the first applications of surface transmissions.

At present the new design team of Delta yards is working on a speed leisure boat in geometrical hydrodynamic structure, already successfully tested on racing hulls.

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